Happy Tolkien Reading Day!

Today is Tolkien reading day. Who’s picking up some Middle Earth literature today?

A Fun Fact

The Tolkien Society chose March 25th as the date of the event because it’s the downfall of Sauron.

Tolkien Landscapes

The theme this year is focusing on the majestic beauty of the lands described in the books. So I thought something fun to do was to look at some of the beautiful filming locations used for the films.

The Shire/Hobbiton



Matamata New Zealand was transformed into the home of the most respectable hobbits for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The gentle rolling hills seem to have jumped off the descriptions Tolkien gave in his books.




The elvish city of Rivendell needing to be as awe-inspiring as it’s inhabitants.

Mt Doom



While the trek in the movie is filled with mortal danger, most hikers end up safely at the top of Mt Ngauruhoe, which was used as Mount Doom for the films.


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